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Commercial kitchens strive for the perfect balance

of preparing foods safely while also saving time and achieving greater product yields. Minimizing the time products spend in the “danger zone” (41-140°F), eliminating the practice of cooling freshly prepared foods in ambient areas and abandoning ice as a way to keep fish cold are all desirable goals for foodservice operations.

Randell specialty refrigeration equipment can achieve all of those goals and more. Our blast chillers make it easy to protect the quality, flavor and shelf life of batch-cooked foods, while our FX Seafood Series delivers precise temperature control and stability for longer storage of fresh fish without the use of ice.

Blast Chillers
Blast Chillers

This equipment helps operators achieve better food quality, high-volume production accuracy, increased savings, and most importantly, improved safety.

FX Iceless Fish Cutting Station
FX Iceless Fish Cutting Station

Randell has revolutionized fish prep by creating an innovative solution for chilling and thawing seafood that maintains temperature throughout the process.

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