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CapKold Pump / Fill Stations – EZ Pump

Achieve higher standards of performance with innovative kitchen equipment featuring cook-chill technology.

As the first name in cook-chill technology to introduce transfer pumps and air-operated product valves, CapKold, a premier kitchen equipment manufacturer, continues to innovate with the CKPF-EZ pump/fill station at a more comfortable price. After the cooking cycle is complete, the pump draws product from either the top of a kettle or directly from the draw-off valve of the unit.

This automated process for lower volume commercial foodservice equipment operations not only adds a critical element of food safety, it helps operators avoid repetitive actions that could cause back issues. The CKPF-EZ’s all air-actuated design requires no external power source, while its all stainless steel piston pump is durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use.

Other features, such as a unique tilting mechanism, allow for easy switching between kettles, while foot pedal operation and a positive cut-off nozzle for depositing product make the CKPF-EZ more convenient and functional than the competition. And thanks to its caster-mounted design and lightweight construction, the CKPF-EZ provides a more ergonomic, more mobile pump/fill solution that can handle a broad range of product types, viscosities and particulate sizes.

Unique tilt mechanism allows for easy switching between kettles
Air-actuated operation with no power required
All stainless steel piston pump
  • Adjusting pump speed is quick and precise with an air adjustment knob
  • All stainless steel piston pump
  • Caster-mounted
  • All air-actuated, with no power required
  • Manufactured to the latest sanitary standards and HACCP compliant
  • Mobile, all stainless steel construction stand
  • All stainless steel outlet piping
  • Positive cut-off nozzle for depositing product
  • High-temperature hose for connection to kettle (4.5’)
  • Manual height adjustment
  • Unique tilt mechanism allows for easy switching between kettles
  • Foot pedal operation for depositing
  • Speed control variable with pressure regulator

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