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CapKold Water Jets

Exceed your foodservice operation expectations with the ultimate cook-chill method for commercial kitchens.

As the pioneer of cook-chill commercial foodservice equipment technology, Groen delivers convenience and innovation in a single unit with the CapKold Water Jet. After cooking is complete, this dual-purpose design rapidly chills food products and ingredients in special plastic casings, using a turbulent water bath to change the temperature from 180ºF to just 40ºF in less than one hour.

CapKold, a premier kitchen equipment manufacturer, designed the Water Jet to make chilling more liquid-like pliable products, such as soups, easier. This equipment also gives kitchen staff the power to slow-cook prepackaged raw meats, vegetables and starches before chilling them for long-term storage.

With one unique design, the CapKold Water Jet offers two-in-one capability, doubling as a cooker and chiller. And with its direct refrigeration design, there’s no need for a separate refrigeration system, glycol tank or turbo jets — helping reduce the overall footprint of this commercial cooking equipment when space is at a premium.

Unlike competitors’ models, which require a separate piece of equipment to raise and lower product, the CapKold Water Jet includes an internal hoist mechanism, as well as a powerful circulation pump, automatic operator control package and a sheathed, insulated tank with splash covers. The result is a fully contained, multi-function workhorse that helps maximize space in crowded commercial kitchens — all while delivering optimal cook-chill results with one-touch ease.

Direct refrigeration ensures greater efficiency and less horsepower required
One-touch controls enclosed in a NEMA-4 water-resistant box
Built-in internal hoist makes installation and operation fast and easy
  • Constructed of Type 304 stainless steel (tank features 1” radius corners)
  • Insulating, non-corroding double wall construction on exposed tank sides
  • Fully enclosed and vented pump/utility housing
  • 6” legs with adjustable floor mounting flanges
  • Attached stainless steel splash covers with lift assist
  • Probe for recording internal temperature of solid muscle products
  • Diverter valve to control water discharge flow and turbulence
  • Foreign object screen protects pump
  • Water level overflow protection
  • Automatic 2” drain with 75 gpm capacity
  • Control box includes a NEMA-4 water-resistant enclosure
  • One-touch integral controls for chill and heat, step-by-step programming of cook-to-temperature and probe with digital display of chilling time and water temperature
  • NSF listed

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