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FX Iceless Fish Cutting Station

Commercial refrigeration that increases shelf life and eliminates decay and spoilage while ensuring maximum freshness and flavor.

Traditional fish stations that rely on ice to keep the product cold can be detrimental to shelf life, freshness and food safety. The FX Seafood Series by Randell delivers precise temperature control and stability for longer storage of fresh fish without the use of ice.

For prep areas, scorching hot environments or placement anywhere in the kitchen, the FX point-of-use ice-less storage system is the innovative solution for chilling and thawing seafood compared to traditional fish file drawers. Traditional fish stations use a pipe leg table with ice to keep the fish cold during the butchering process.  The cook responsible for the butchering is also responsible for receiving the daily deliveries of product. More often than not, while in the process of preparing the fish, the cook is interrupted with daily managerial tasks. While all of this occurs, the fish that the cook was preparing rises in temperature and the shelf life of the product is compromised.

After extensive research, on-site measurements and chef interviews, a conceptual design was developed to resolve the traditional issues. Locations were shadowed to confirm the quantity of fish that needed to be held, approximately 100 lbs., and to review the current processes of what is required by the cook.

Randell has revolutionized fish prep for commercial kitchens by creating an iceless fish station that maintains temperature throughout the entire process. A refrigerated work surface keeps the fish at a lower temperature during the butchering process, and cutting boards with ¾” holes allow for transfer of the cold air to penetrate the fish.

  • Frost top refrigerated work surface maintains the product temperature during butchering
  • Perforated cutting board allows transfer of cold to the fish during butchering
  • Additional color-coded cutting boards offer sanitation for preparing of different products
  • Hand sink area has a foot pedal for activation and houses a hose reel to clean the table
  • Covered sink offers additional work surface when not butchering
  • Super heavy duty scrap sink catches fish parts that are too big to fit in the drain
  • Two FX drawers do not require ice to hold the fish and fish sides between steps

Here’s how the FX Iceless Fish process works:

  • Whole fish are stored in a FX Series precise temperature controlled drawer. They are then removed and put onto the work surface for cutting into sides and for cleaning the fish.
  • Once the whole fish are cut into sides they are immediately placed into a second FX drawer until all fish have been cleaned and cut.
  • The sides are put onto the refrigerated work surface for a second time so that bones can be removed and the fish can be sized into filets. Filets are immediately put into the top refrigerated rail until they can be moved into the walk-in for dinner service holding.
  • The cook is able to sanitize between each step to minimize any bacteria transfer.

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