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Mega Top Prep Tables

The only manufacturer offering a full range of side-mount cooled, high-volume prep units with the industry’s best design features.

By nature, high-volume foodservice operations require high-capacity prep tables to keep sandwiches, salads, bread and other staple items moving through a busy commercial kitchen while also maintaining the highest standards for freshness and safety. Randell offers an exclusive combination of side-mount refrigeration systems with a mullion coil design that allows for a full-depth interior.

Randell provides the most standard sizes from 48” up to 84” to suit operator needs, and the design allows for the easy removal of the entire assembly with no tools for full cleaning of the base and access to the evaporator coil. Available only in Randell mega-top prep tables, the extra-large interior is 26” deep to accommodate sheet pans (in most models) and high-capacity drawers that can hold as many as two 12”x20” pans per drawer in the 27” sections of the 9045K-7 models.

By designing the pans to set recessed into the cold area — and combined with our exclusive air duct that directs the air over the pans on our 9000K series — our mega-top prep tables have cold air blanketing the top surface of the products while combating hot ambient conditions. This assures the product surface is in NSF standard 7 compliance.

Our 9000W series mega-top models have 100% sealed cold-wall tanks and recessed pan holding for superior temperature performance to address three specific environments where a forced air cooled mega-top does not fit the application: breading stations, where spillage gets into the evaporator coil and air ducts on forced air units, causing premature failure; high-heat environments where forced air units don’t have enough cooling capacity to keep product at safe temps; and front of the house, where the use of covers is not ideal.

General Mega Top Prep Table Features

  • Meets 1998 NSF/ANSI standard 7, 41°F product temperature requirements
  • Full-depth interiors allow full-size sheet pans in 24″ and 27″ sections
  • Recessed pan cooling assures NSF standard temperature compliance in hot ambient conditions
  • Exclusive designed evaporator coil mounts safely behind the door mullions and provides balanced air distribution throughout the cabinet while protecting the coil against damage from overloading
  • Press-fit gaskets on each door and drawer offer tight seals and tool-less replacement in minutes

9000K Sandwich/Salad Mega-Top Prep Table Specific Features

  • High capacity drawers that can hold two 12″ x 20″ x 6″ pans per drawer (9045K-7 model only)
  • Interlocking pan adaptor bar grid assures products stay in place and don’t contaminate products stored below
  • Mullion coil design provides superior, even cooling of the interior and pan opening while preventing blockage of air flow typical in many rear-system mega-top units
  • Standard easy-lift-off louver for easy access to the condenser coil for regular cleaning that can improve performance and reduce maintenance costs as well as the potential for food spoilage
  • Standard sizes from 48″ to 84″ to suit operator needs
  • Patented unitized drawer design provides the most consistent and durable construction available, backed by an exclusive 3-year parts and labor warranty on the entire assembly

9000W Mega-Top Cold-Wall Prep Table Specific Features

  • Recessed, wrapped cold-wall sealed pan opening with exclusive separate electronic temperature controls for base and pan opening
  • Separate dual control system for upper pan opening and base allows precise control of each zone and shutting pan opening off at night for up to 60% energy savings
  • Pan opening is completely sealed from base so any product that falls between pans cannot enter the base compartment
  • Standard oversized clean-out valve makes for the easiest cleaning mega top available
  • Hinged, louvered panel for easy access to clean-out valve and the condenser coil for regular cleaning that can improve performance and reduce maintenance costs

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