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Side Mount & Worktop Prep Tables

Commercial kitchen equipment that offers additional options for efficient, refrigerated food prep.

Equipment that is properly specified for the physical dimensions of your workspace as well as the overall workflow of your operation help prep cooks move food through your commercial kitchen quickly.

For foodservice facilities that do not need or cannot accommodate mega top preparation tables, Randell’s refrigerated, side-mount salad top prep tables and worktop refrigerator/freezer models offer similar efficiencies plus the same cooling capabilities to ensure the best possible performance and product quality.

Each side-mount series cabinet body features all-metal construction: the top, front, sides and louver panel are stainless steel, while the bottom and back of the unit are corrosion resistant steel. The salad top version includes a top cutout with a sanitary raised rim, a recessed adaptor and recessed pan holding complete with adaptor bars, plus a stainless-steel roll cover and full-length, NSF composition, 12″ cutting board.

The cabinet interior is fully coved to meet NSF standard #7, while the interior bottom, back and top are anodized aluminum with coved corners for easy clean-up. The interior ends are ABS with shelf supports molded into the sides, and each unit is insulated with a minimum of 2.5” of CFC-free, foamed-in-place polyurethane for exceptional temperature retention.

The doors have stainless steel fronts with easy-to-grasp recessed handles and are mounted on heavy-duty concealed hinges, also made of stainless steel with bronze pivot pins in nylon bushings. On the salad top models and worktop refrigerators, a CFC-free, R-513a refrigeration system includes a condensing unit and thermostatic control for easy operator adjustability.

Condensation removal is managed by a standard hot gas evaporator. Worktop freezer models utilize 0 ODP (Zero Ozone Depletion Potential) R290 refrigerant including a condensing unit and electronic control, which features adaptive defrost technology. Condensation removal is managed by a standard electric evaporator. All models utilize a corrosion-resistant mullion coil that provides balanced airflow throughout the unit.

  • Side mounted compressor with mullion “Turbo” coil provides proper pan cooling and “full depth” usable interior space
  • 100% “front breathing” refrigeration systems require no clearance at rear or sides of unit
  • R-513a refrigerant in refrigerators and R-290 in freezers both 0 ODP (Zero Ozone Depletion Potential)
  • Exterior stainless steel top and front
  • Foamed-in-place “CFC free” urethane insulation
  • Self-closing doors with exclusive press-fit magnetic gaskets
  • Cord and plug for 115 volt operation
  • 6″ high adjustable legs

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