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We combine decades of proven kitchen performance with modular manufacturing capabilities to provide custom equipment solutions.

Randell’s line of custom-designed chef tables offers the highest levels of performance, food safety and reliability — no matter what the menu calls for in a commercial kitchen. From casual dining chains and quick-service restaurants to institutional facilities, each table represents the best of Randell’s nearly four decades of foodservice equipment experience.

We’ve optimized our modular manufacturing capabilities to offer pre-designed components that can be utilized in a wide array of distinctive combinations to fit your unique application. And with reliable parts, current regulatory compliance and solid construction, Randell chef tables provide peace of mind so kitchen staff can focus on serving customers.

With organization and consistency high on every operator’s list, Randell chef tables provide a sturdy foodservice equipment foundation for assembling customer favorites day after day. With standard features like an efficient refrigeration system, patented drawer systems and exclusive press-fit gaskets that make maintenance quick and easy, Randell delivers the functionality today’s commercial kitchens demand. And with unlimited configurations available, there’s no restriction to how much Randell can boost productivity, increase efficiency and streamline your staff’s workflow.

We  draw from the same manufacturing excellence for standard design units when crafting custom fabricated equipment for specific customer applications. These successful manufacturing practices yield custom equipment that is highly repeatable and consistent for large-scale commercial foodservice operations.

Fully reinforced, bolt-together 16-gauge tops create spline joint
UL- and NSF-listed (NSF2, NSF4 and NSF7)
Modular doors and drawers allow easy removal and replacement of press fit gaskets
  • Complete range of custom and production options for full counters (all UL- and NSF-listed to meet NSF2, NSF4 and NSF7 requirements)
  • Tested and proven refrigeration systems used by the largest operators in the country, built to fit your floor plan and needs
  • Modular doors and drawers allow for easy removal and replacement of press-fit gaskets
  • Fully integrated electrical system with prewiring and pretesting of all components in fully UL-listed shop
  • Fully reinforced 16-gauge tops designed for your operation (14-gauge available)
  • Bolt-together tops create spline joint with hairline seam
  • Fully preassembled and tested at the factory to assure easy field set-up and start-up
  • Parts depots across the country to fill orders for replacement parts
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

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